I opened Annabel Green Flowers in 1992 after a stressful career in the fashion industry. Commuting early every morning to Manhattan from Cannondale, I would gaze over the tracks through the dawn at the sleepy, historic little village and imagine how wonderful life would be as one of those village shopkeepers.

The opportunity presented itself after I had exhausted myself in the rat race fashion industry. I took a break, spent some time in England and returned home inspired with the desire to open an English Garden-themed flower shop. So I did it. I named it after my British friend’s sister, who tragically died very young of leukemia. Annabel Green was reborn.

The English Garden Flowers brand has been our focus for almost 30 years, now more relevant than ever with the retail trend toward farm-to-table and artisanal. Our mission is to offer premium flower creations which are personal, elegant and several cuts above “grocery store flowers”.

Annabel Green’s clientele includes many international celebrities and local notables, who continue to be loyal and regular customers.

We also offer vintage-look clothing, jewelry and accessories at Annabel Green, as well as gifts and home accessories, all of them hand-selected by me. We think we have something for everybody!

Please stop in and let’s discuss what we can do for you!

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